Looking for creative ways to engage, inspire and optimize your workforce? Seeking a well-designed, interactive experience for yourself or your team to get ideas flowing?

If you value your creative potential and that of your colleagues, Fusionary Thinking™ would like to work with you. I make your great ideas visible. Imagine smashing together forces like business + art, planning + drawing, teamwork + breathing. The energy released is called "Fusionary Thinking," and it can transform your business. 

Fusionary Thinking™ can change a dull sales pitch into an engaging problem-solving session. It can energize a stagnant committee to breathe new life into an organization. 

Founder, facilitator and artist Sheri Kennedy is like a chameleon with big ears and markers! She can seamlessly integrate into any workplace, listen for the big ideas that emerge during your most important meetings, and translate them into engaging visual thought maps. Oh, and she knows how to design and lead group activities that are fun AND relevant. 

Creativity and innovation are essential for today's leaders. "According to the IBM 2010 Global CEO Study, the ability to embody creative leadership is among the most important attributes for capitalizing on complexity."1 Let Fusionary Thinking help you build creative leadership, resilience and communication skills at all levels of your organization. 

[1] Lombardo, Barbara J. and Roddy, Daniel John, "Cultivationg organizational creativity in an age of complexity. A companion study to the IB 2010 Global Chief Human Resource Officer Study," IBM Institutue for Business Value, 2010.

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