GRAPHIC FACILITATION: I do the work, you take the credit. 

I lead your group through an interactive experience with your desired outcome and a visual tool as guides.

GRAPHIC RECORDING: You lead, I make sure people follow.

You facilitate a group discussion, training or event, while I capture the process and main ideas using big paper, diagrams, text and images. 

VISUAL CONSULTING: A custom blend.

Are you a great facilitator with excellent material but limited visual skill? Are you a frustrated leader wishing for true engagement? A creative in need of a visioning partner? Let’s talk! Together, we can co-create the best experience ever using the right combination of 

  • experiential activities,
  • functional and engaging visual design,
  • the right format(s),
  • and ideas generated by you and your group that can live on as internal blog posts, newsletters, posters and reminder cards... 
... and you still get the credit.